Career & Life Design

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Finding your own Good Work

Are you looking for more meaning and purpose? Are you ready to bring intentional design to your work and life? The Center for Good Work offers individual career and life design coaching and group classes focused on helping you align your work and life from the inside-out, unleashing more purpose, passion and meaning. Whether you are in for-profit, non-profit, ministry, or business, Jody's 28 years of working with clients will help you find your own good work.



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Career & Life Design Sketchbook

Purposeful work designed for you. 

Jody's Career & Life Design sketchbook is the catalyst tool in finding your Good Work.  Take a look ... Career & Life Design.

Leadership Development


Leading self, others and organizations

Have you unleashed your highest potential?  Do you have a powerful vision that makes a significant contribution to the world?  Is your team and organization aligned with that vision?

We develop leaders who know their strengths, values and why they do what they do.  Leaders who are open, curious learners, with a vision for cultivating meaning and purpose in our organizations and communities. Leaders who want to make a significant contribution.  The Center for Good Work coaches executives and leaders to uncover their authentic leadership style while leveraging their strengths, values and passions. Our coaching illuminates your presence, your potential and your path towards a higher level of contribution:
• bringing the highest qualities of your heart, mind and body to your leadership
• building an engaged, strengths-focused workplace
• aligning organizations to powerful visions and producing significant benefits for the wider community

Community Development

What is your community’s vision?  

Are your community leaders on the same page, collaborating for the good of all?


Chisago Lakes Chamber and Community Foundation FutureWalk


The New Richmond Area Community Foundation FutureWalk


"I was inspired tonight at a community listening session and I am excited to be an active part of an initiative to help build a positive future for our community." -FutureWalk Participant

Does your community have a strategic vision for it's future?  FutureWalk identifies "the best we've been to create the best we can be."  Jody partnered with Bill Buell to develop FutureWalk, a community strategic visioning process for The New Richmond Area Community Foundation and since it's roll-out in the New Richmond area additional communities have developed FutureWalk community initiatives including:  Chisago Lakes, Minnesota, and Somerset, Wisconsin.

Read more about Future Walk

The Leadership Trust Initiative (LTI) 

Leadership is more than a character trait or holding an identified position of power and influence. It is a combination of factors that help an individual move beyond his/her own individual needs to engage in and respond to the needs that exist within the larger public community.

The Leadership Trust Initiative is based on the core value that leadership isn’t something a person does or a position that person holds, but rather who that person is, what the person believes in, and why that person believes in those things. Most important of all, leadership is about how a person lives his or her life in such a way it is consistent with these values. 

Jody designs and leads The Leadership Trust Initiative sponsored by The New Richmond Area Community Foundation.  She has also lead community leadership development initiatives with Hudson, Wisconsin. 

Fundamentals of our Work


The Clifton Strength's Finder

To do Good Work, you must lead from your strengths. 

Clifton StrengthsFinder is a resource for leaders who want to boost their company’s performance and individuals who want to reach a higher level of performance. The Center for Good Work uses The Clifton StrengthsFinder from the distinguished Gallup organization in their work with individuals, teams and organizations. The Center for Good Work also uses resources from other experts in the field of positive psychology like Marcus Buckingham, Dr. Edward “Chip” Anderson, Dr. Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Gallup introduced its online assessment, StrengthsFinder, in the bestselling management bookNow, Discover Your Strengths. Another bestselling book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, is rated number one by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and BusinessWeek.


The Enneagram

Good Work is founded upon personal awareness.

The Enneagram is a personality assessment tool and so much more. It describes nine basic worldviews – nine different ways of doing business in the world. Each of the nine styles has its own natural gifts, limitations and blind spots – reflecting distinctive modes of thinking, acting and being.
The Center for Good Work uses the Enneagram to build high-performance teams, empower people to work together effectively, and to build awareness of individual leadership styles and career paths. Jody Thone, President of The Center for Good Work, has completed advanced training with Russ Hudson and Don Riso from The Enneagram Institute and Michael Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working.

Who uses the Enneagram?

Industry leaders such as Ernst & Young, Adobe, Avon Products, Boeing, eBay, Hewlett Packard, Toyota and Sony have all used the Enneagram to bring their teams together, strengthen communications and encourage personal growth and development.