Living Intentionally


Written by Alyssa Wildenauer

At certain points in my life, I have found that specific words act as a theme. Currently, it would be the word intentional. This word has a prevalent place in my present life, and has been in my awareness since starting college at Luther. It has built my most cherished relationships and has allowed me to grow into the person I want to become.

While reflecting on my time at The Center for Good Work this January, I found that the word intentional has once again emerged and found its place. This month, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jody to redesign her Leadership Trust Initiative program, to prepare marketing materials for future programs and to observe coaching and workshops on leading with your purpose and strengths. While working and learning with Jody, I have felt a sense of alignment. I realized that I enjoy this work because it is “performed with awareness, done deliberately, consciously, or on purpose.” My tasks each day embody intentionality. The Leadership Trust Initiative prepares community leaders to be self-aware, to listen deeply, to collaborate deliberately and to make change with purpose. The coaching workshops challenge the clients to awaken their purpose in order to join the community in making a greater difference. The Strengths Workshop this week was focused on self-awareness, collaboration and bringing your strongest self to each responsibility you have.

Awareness, purpose, leadership and collaboration all need intention to emerge. In Jody’s words, “What we put our intention on grows.” And as we grow with intention, we will then make a bigger impact.