growing strengths


Being aware of your personal strengths starts a process of reflection, mindfulness and presence about who you uniquely are and how you can make a difference. It's a start on being authentic. It's a starting place for purpose and meaning in your life and it's a starting place for making a broader impact and contribution. 

When you add to your own self-awareness an awareness of others' strengths, you are then building understanding, appreciation and relationship. You create opportunities for collaboration and alignment of your strengths. And when your awareness grows to seeing the strengths of a whole team, organization, or even a whole community, you have the ability to move together into a strong future.

But we still have a culture that focuses on weaknesses. We have grown up spotting the problems, discussing what's broken and noticing what's wrong. The Gallup organization asked people "Which will help you be most successful? Fixing your weaknesses or building your strengths?"    

59% still say, fixing weaknesses.  

So this summer I spent time working with individuals, teams, companies and communities growing strengths. I spent time listening for strengths, sharing or mirroring back to people the strengths I have seen and asking people to stop, to listen and look inwardly at moments of truth that illuminate their strengths. I've had over 100 people take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and start to grow their strengths- start to design their lives, their teams, their organizations and communities from strengths.  

What did you spend your time on this summer? Stop for a moment and ask yourself when you felt strong this summer...

I felt strong when __________________________________________________________

I felt strong when __________________________________________________________

I felt strong when __________________________________________________________

Let's launch into Autumn from your strengths!

Jody Thone, The Center for Good Work

My talent themes:   Connectedness, Strategic, Maximizer, Individualization, Empathy.

What are people saying about growing strengths?

"I was quite impressed.  All my life everything I have been taught to concentrate on what were my weaknesses.(and believe me there’s a lot of them!) This has given me a whole new perspective."

"I have to say, I was surprised by the whole thing, in a good way.  I have been through these types of ‘workshops’ before, and generally found them to be a load of crap.  Very little (if any) of the information they provided was accurate or good in any way, and I went into this one thinking “oh great, what a waste of two hours this is gonna be.” However, when I took the online test I was really surprised how accurate it turned out. I liked the way the whole workshop went, I thought it was interesting how many times I was thinking ‘hey that sounds like us!’.  All on all, I think it went very well and gave all of us some valuable insight not only into our coworkers but the values and direction of the company as a whole."

"The best leadership development and team building session we've done in years!"