your story

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I would like to share my friend Chris Trout’s thoughts on “Your Story”

Your story about the past shapes who you think you are.

Do you tell yourself stories of your failures or your successes? Your moments of strength or weakness? And what meaning do you attach to each?  What have you concluded about you?

Your story about the present shapes how you feel today.
Do you tell the story of a world that supports you or defeats you?  Of beauty or darkness?  Of conspiracy or cooperation?

Your story about the future fuels your energy.
Are youexcited to be moving toward a dream or desire?  Does it pull you forward?  Or have you even created a future story — much less a compelling one?

And here’s thecrazy thing:

People who have faced incredible sickness, loss or trauma can and do create stories that are full of life and hope — past, present and future. And people who have experienced seemingly endless love and countless blessings can and do create stories of one barrier after another — Ditto: past, present and future.

Each day, you get to choose a new story, connect new dots, come to new conclusions. You can debate to the end of time the influence of nurture and nature but, in the end, you choose the story you tell. And here’s the thing:

The story you tell is the story you live. Choose wisely.
  ~ Chris Trout

So what is your story?