windows to the soul of a leader

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There are three windows to the soul of a leader. Deep coaching work will look at all three windows and cultivate an awareness of each.  Developing awareness or presence is the most important leadership quality a person can have– whether you’re leading a big company, a community organization, a family or your life. So imagine you are walking the streets of a beautiful city… you see all sorts of windows.  What do they tell you?

Some are inviting and open, if you went in you would see a lot about the person who lives there.  Some windows are closed, behind glass and curtains– but inside are people’s lives– their homes.  Some windows are simple, some are fancy, some are bright and some are faded.

The window is an opportunity to pay attention to the flow of energy, intention and connection to others.  This is also true for the windows into our deepest self.  Leaders are called to know their authentic self and contribute from that place.  So what windows do we look in?  Where do we direct our attention?

Window 1:   Language– Our thoughts, what we say quietly to ourselves, or out loud to others.

Window 2:   Emotions– What is visiting?   Fear, anger, sadness, tenderness, joy, love, hope, guilt, shame, compassion?

Window 3:   Body– Our physical being.  Can we find our center?  Are we open, balanced, flexible and strong?

Stop for a moment and look inside one of these windows for yourself.  What have you been saying to yourself or others today?  What are your thoughts?   Breathing deeper, into your heart… What emotions are visiting you today?  Breathing to your core…What is your body’s wisdom?  Where is your body tight, tense, peaceful, or light?

Open up a window today, throw back the curtains and just observe for a moment.  You may see the beauty of these windows and the life that resides inside and out.