What story will you tell in 2013?

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THERE ARE FOUR MAJOR CHARACTERS THAT EXIST IN ALL THE GOOD stories; the King/Queen, the Warrior, the Jester/ Magician, and the Lover. These archetypes bring forthdifferent qualities, gifts and dilemmas.

At their best the King/Queen provides stability and steadfastness. The King or Queen has the opportunity to bring a calm presence into the middle of conflict.

The best Warrior stands up and fights for something larger than his/her self.  Warrior is the energy of resolution, the energy to bust thru the barriers in front of us.

The Jester or Magician coming from their strength brings a new perspective, flexibility, creativity, spaciousness and humor. 

The essence of the Lover attracts people, opens hearts, builds relationships and enrolls others in a vision without manipulation.

Of course we know from the old tales and stories that these characters will have to face their fears, and in this battle they will over-do some of these qualities and at other times they will shut down their natural gifts. The characters struggle but in the end they find their contribution, their role and their gifts.

We are not all that different from these stories, since stories are tales of human experience; tragedies, comedies, love stories, action stories, etc.  Stories are written or spoken to provide entertainment but have also been used as a key vehicle for learning & growth.  Stories are an opportunity for people to reflect and learn about their own lives.

There is great need in the world.  I believe we are called to bring our personal best into the story that is unfolding.  So, what is the story that you want to tell?  What leadership is needed within your workplace?  What work situations are you a key character in?  How about at home?  What about within your community?  What is your contribution?  How will you face your fears and bring your best qualities forward?

Give yourself the gift of some reflection time; begin to intentionally write your story.

                  As a Warrior

Get clear about what you are committed to that is larger than yourself.  What are your leadership resolutions?  What will you stand for, be committed to, resolute about?  What is important?  What will you fight for?   What barriers will you break down?

                  As a King or Queen

Where will you bring a sense of calm?  (How about starting with yourself?)  Kings and Queens provide stability.  Where is there a need for steadfastness or stability?  How can you plant your feet firmly, looking out over the land you love, and think about what’s best for generations to come?

                 As a Jester or Magician

What needs a new approach?  What will be invented?  Where can you bring flexibility and the energy to try something new?  What adventure is calling you?  How will you cultivate or schedule some spacious, creative, dreaming time?  Will you laugh?  Will you share some much needed lightness or humor with someone in need?

                 As a Lover

What do you want to attract?  What are you passionate about?  Have you shared that passion with others?  Are you aligned with your passions…at work, at home, in your community?  How can you be open and fully present with those around you?  How will you love?