practicing presence


Mastery takes practice. We may be born with certain talents and abilities but it’s practice that raises these to the level of beauty and genius – practice develops true strengths.

Practices for awareness and presence are at the core of my leadership toolbox. I’ve met hundreds of leaders with great intellect and a passion for making a difference; I’ve only met a few leaders who have really cultivated presence. Do you have practices that cultivate awareness in your physical body, in your heart and in your mind? Do you have spiritual practices from your faith tradition? Do you have leadership practices for mindfulness?

Leaders need proactive and just in time practice toolkits. These toolkits are filled with practices that give us energy and remind us of what matters most, practices that we do regularly and without interruption, practices that ground us in the present moment, bringing us into awareness of what is happening right now, and practices that help us shift in moments when our ego and our fears have triggered a less than masterful response.

I invite you to stop at four points in your day and look at how you are doing at practicing presence:

  1. The start of your day: 
    What’s your intention for this day? How you begin your day is how your day will go.

  2. Mid-day presence check-in: 
    Are you sustaining presence? Do you need to shift?

  3. Closing work-transitioning home: 
    Is work trailing you home? Are you present in your outside-work relationships?

  4. Ending your day-transition to sleep: 
    Do you end your day with gratitude and go to sleep in peace?