Oscar Night: Directing & Producing the Film of Your Life

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I recently spoke at The Greater Twin Cities United Way Emerging Leaders Gathering at Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. I titled the evening, Oscar Night: Directing and Producing the Film of Your Life.

My central question was…What story are you telling with your life and your leadership?

We explored a special Oscar category that evening, Directing & Producing the Film of Your Life, and I suggested that in this category you want to be in the role of Director & Producer.



The Director & Producer~        I lead my life with a clear sense of purpose.

The Lead Actor or Actress~     I am following the script that someone else writes and directs.

The Cinematographer~            I capture it on film – think it over in my head and mostly observe my life.

The Costume Designer~          I dress it up and make it look good.

As the Director &Producer you need to first decide what story you are telling… because, let’s get it clear,  this year’s main-stream Oscar nominated films are telling very different stories.

Deciding on the story– getting the main theme right is the development phase of film making. It is also important development for an intentional life and intentional leadership.

So ask yourself these questions…

What brings me energy?

Why do I get up in the morning?

What would be lost if I didn’t get up tomorrow, or the next day…?

Why am I doing what I’m doing?

What can I not do?

What is my reason for being alive?

Remember…get clear on your main theme, your central idea or core purpose before you start filming!