meeting Eldon

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I met a fascinating gentleman last night at a presentation I did for a chamber of commerce meeting.  Eldon is an auctioneer.  He’s been in business for over 43 years and his business tag line is “We Try A Little Harder – To Do A Little More.”  Eldon loves to talk, that certainly make sense given his line of work.  His passion seems to be about honoring people and their belongings as significant treasures. I ask him what the very best part of his work is and he said he loves when he travels around to different communities and people recognize him– he said…“I suppose that’s my ego but I like to know that I am making a significant contribution.” Eldon struck me as someone who is living his strengths and leading with purpose.  He had never heard of The Clifton StrengthsFinder, nor Marcus Buckingham, nor the strengths movement– but it all made perfect sense to him.  We continued our conversation which included some details about the values that guide his business and I asked him who championed him as he grew up and what structures helped to launched him successfully into his work & life.  Eldon replied that it was FFA and church that provided leadership opportunities and adult champions or mentors for his development.

According to The Search Institute:

  • only 1/2 of the kids in America can say that one of their parents knows and nourishes their Spark (Spark=what brings them energy, passion and fulfillment from the inside-out),

  • only 1/3 of the kids today say that someone in their school knows and nourishes their Spark.

  • only 1/4 of our children say that someone in their community knows and nourishes their Spark.

The path to thriving requires champions– people like Eldon who share their journey with others.  People who try a little harder to do a little more. Thanks Eldon.