collaborative partnerships


In Rodd Wagner and Gale Muller’s recent book, Power of 2: How to make the most of your partnerships at work and in life, they talk about the eight elements of a powerful partnership found from their research.




The eight elements are:

  1. Complementary Strengths

  2. A Common Mission

  3. Fairness

  4. Trust

  5. Acceptance

  6. Forgiveness

  7. Communicating

  8. Unselfishness

My friend and colleague at The Center for Good Work, Siri Erickson, has been my collaborative partner on many projects.  We run TEDxStillwater and we’ve created interesting learning experiences the last 7 years while having fun. 

Here’s the check-list of questions to ask yourself according to Wagner & Muller:

  • Do you complement each other’s strengths?

  • Do you need each other to get the job done

  • Does your partner do some things much better than you do, and you do some things much better than he or she does?

  • Do you share a common goal?

  • Do you have a common purpose for what you do?

  • Do you believe in the same mission in life?

These seem like good questions for any personal or business relationship… and those are just for the first two elements… Pick up the book, Power of 2 from Gallup Press and let’s talk about collaborative partnerships at their best!