Barbara Balik

R.N., Ed.D. Healthcare Executive

“Jody is a superb executive coach nd I highly recommend her to those who want to clarify their thinking about life options that involve their career. I have referred numerous colleagues to her and all have had the same experience — positive, productive, life-changing, and practical results.”

Jeff Redmon

Founder of Redmon Law Chartered and Owner, Inner Circle of the St. Croix Valley

"I have the good fortune to work with Jody with a number organizations I have been affiliated with. In each instance her facilitation and coaching has help guide the organization forward with renewed purpose and efficiency. Her style engages all and keeps discussions on task. I hold Jody in the highest regard and have gladly recommended her to many organizations."

Karen Van Lith


“I hired Jody to lead a coaching program for all C-level executives …. I chose Jody as my own executive coach and not only gained incredible insight and knowledge about myself but I gained a friend in the process. …. Jody is an uncanny communicator who knows how to listen, taking into context all the unsaid things such as the speaker’s value system and personal strengths, to quickly discern the essence of the message. Jody can then immediately respond and offer reflection and insight that provides tangible and significant value to her client.”

Mary Foarde, J.D.


“Jody is a dynamic personal coach whose style is a unique blend of emotional intelligence and business savvy. As opposed to some career development professionals who are “all business” and some who emphasize only the emotional side, Jody brings great focus in both areas. She is able to dissect a complicated business dilemma and offer creative approaches that enhance performance and effectiveness. She saved my sanity on more than one occasion, and really helped me to be more effective in my role, as well as to plan for the next phase of my career.

"Jody has coached me on discovering and applying my strengths in my personal and business relationships. She used her listening skills to help me gain insights into the causes of stress in those relationships. With the causes identified, she used her knowledge of leadership development tools to help me discover more effective ways of dealing with the stress. Her coaching has significantly contributed to a life filled with more joy, contentment, patience and love. With the good fortune of having Jody as a coach, I have more fully engaged in the amazing journey of life and leadership."

Tim Gillis